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Friday, February 09, 2007

Matawan mayor needs to get priorities straight

Matawan Mayor Mary Aufseeser has an issue. She talks about government reform and that kind of thing and then she wants to turn around and give the bond counsel job to Peter Carton's firm. She says that Carton's firm is the best firm for the job. Anyone who has been involved with government reform for any period of time knows that the Carton boys are the problem in this county.

Democrats have tried for decades to get rid of Carton's influence in this county. Meanwhile, a Democratic mayor that everyone at the county backed, Mrs. Aufseeser, made it her business to fight for Carton's firm to keep the arrangement it had in Matawan. This arrangement was made by the former Republican Administration that Mrs. Aufseeser made such a big deal about being wrong and corrupt. Well, the first thing she does when she gets in last year was keep Carton's firm. Then, this year, she fights for Carton's firm again. But, this year, real reformers were in office in that town and didn't let her get away with it.

Congratulations to Bud and Megan Mullaney, as well as Mike Canon. They're trying to do something for taxpayers.

Mayor Aufseeser apparently thinks a lot of Holmdel Mayor Serena DiMaso. She thinks Mrs. DiMaso is some kind of non-partisan person. Mrs. DiMaso is a hack for Joe Kyrillos in Holmdel. She has made n obones about it, but Mrs. Aufseeser is buying her bull.

If Democrats are actually going to reform government in Monmouth, people like Mary Aufseeser have to figure out where they are standing. If she is a Democrat, then she needs to be one. If she is a Republican, then she needs to become one. And if she wants to ignore the last 20 years of corruption in this county, then she shouldn't be in office at all.

If Mayor Aufseeser doesn't want to be a Democrat, or reform government, then she should lose the line in her town. If she can get her act together and stop appointing corrupt Republicans and helping to fill Republican campaign attack literature with nonsense then maybe there's hope yet. If she had been a Republican turning on the GOP machine, there wouldn't have been any talking about it. But if Democrats don't do things differently, then that would be a mistake. Mary Aufseeser needs to clean her act up and stop acting like a Republican hack to keep Democratic support in case she does want to run again, I think. And that means penning blogs under her initials as well. Democrats have been fighting corruption in this county for years and if she doesn't want to do that then she can be not elected as quickly as she got elected.

Thursday, February 08, 2007



For Immediate Publication

POC: Patricia Walsh
Democratic candidate for 13th District Assembly
Tel: 908-601-1252
Email: walshforassembly@yahoo.com

February 9, 2007

Walsh backs Short’s plan to
eliminate benefits for politicians

I attended a recent Township Committee meeting in
Middletown, where Committeeman Pat Short brought forth
a resolution that part-time township committee members
should forgo pensions.

Until Mr. Short was elected it was unknown to the
public that these pensions are voluntary. They are not
required by law to take them.

Meaning they could save the taxpayer money by not
opting for them.
In addition, he introduced another resolution
encouraging local committee people from opting for
family health and dental insurance coverage at
Middletown taxpayer’s expense, which he has declined.
Imagine my surprise when the former mayor, Tom Hall,
and current Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger vehemently
opposed both resolutions.
Mr. Hall and Mr. Scharfenberger were joined in
attacking the lone Democrat on the committee by the
township administrator, Bob Czech, and by the township
attorney, Bernie Reilly.

Other members of the committee sat silent.

It is this type of self-aggrandizement that is part of
the reason the state is struggling from the
overwhelming costs of pensions. Instead of leading by
example and forgoing optional pensions and benefits,
they are part of the problem that Trenton and
taxpayers have to deal with. They are part of the
reason our taxes have escalated to the degree that we
find New Jersey leading the pack in the burden our
taxpayers carry.

Several times Mr. Scharfenberger attempted to
incorrectly state the position of Mr. Short that as
Scharfenberger put it “you are in favor of increasing
the committee’s salaries”. The record will show that
that is not Mr. Short’s opinion but just the attempt
by a political adversary to incorrectly state Mr.
Short’s position on the issue.

It seems rather hypocritical of the committee to pass
resolutions and issue press releases pointing the
finger at Trenton.

As politicians they always point their proverbial
finger over there, when they should be pointing at
themselves. They had the opportunity to show taxpayers
in Middletown that they were willing to be part of the
solution, and said “NO.”

I agree that the issue of pensions and benefits for
part-time elected and appointed officials is one that
legislators in Trenton will have to deal with. I look
forward to being part of the solution, as a full-time
Assemblywoman from the 13th district. Tough issues
require tough people to deal with them. I will not sit
idly by and watch the abuses take place. I will speak
out about the reforms necessary to provide the tax
relief that our residents really deserve. You can
count on it.

Patricia Walsh
Middletown resident
Candidate for 13th District Assembly

Monday, January 29, 2007



For Immediate Publication

January 29, 2007

POC: Joe Caliendo
Chairman, Middletown Democrats
8 Daniel Drive, Middletown, NJ 07748
Cell: 732-299-6470/Email: joe_caliendo@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.democratscalling.blogspot.com


MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP (MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ): Asbury Park Press reporter Alison Herget published an article in the Bayshore Reporter on January 25, 2007 entitled “Motor vehicle agency opens new office in Hazlet.”

In that article, Ms. Herget was decidedly biased against Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery, Middletown Democratic Chairman Joe Caliendo said.

While Mr. Scudiery owns Airport Plaza, where the motor vehicle agency recently opened, there has never been any finding from any governmental agency or elected official that there was any influence used by Mr. Scudiery as part of this deal. Caliendo said, “All this deal has done is saved taxpayers statewide money. Despite the Asbury Park Press making claims to the contrary, the fact is that Vic Scudiery’s plaza is just a better site for the agency and that is why the state Treasury Department made the deal. There’s also the fact that the state will spend a lot less money for relocation to his plaza also.”

Caliendo said that is it his opinion that Ms. Herget is biased toward the Monmouth County Republican Organization. “That was made clear last election when, in Middletown, the Republican chairman had unobstructed access to her while I would not even get a call on stories about the Democratic Party involving me personally. This is despite the fact I gave her all my numbers and my e-mail address. Everything has been one-side with her and with the Press, in favor of county and local Republicans. Democrats don’t get a say even when stories are about them to any degree like Republicans do. I think this is about clear partisanship.”

Caliendo said that prejudice in APP reporting is evident. “The paper even went so far as to have a reporter, Bob Jordan, work on the Scudiery storyline who had a relative with an axe to grind with county Democrats and especially Victor Scudiery,” Caliendo said. “How is that ethical, and how is that supposed to be anything like ‘best practices’ in journalism? That’s a conflict of interest.”

Caliendo added, “When it comes to Ms. Herget, she has never written a good word about any Democrat in her career. When it comes to the story she wrote in the Reporter, she was more than happy to use ‘facts’ presented by Bob Jordan. But those ‘facts’ of Mr. Jordan’s have yet to accurately give either the floor space or the accurate rent the DMV is going to pay. Likewise there is nothing by way of even intelligent speculation that anything was wrong with the Airport Plaza deal. To the contrary, all digging into this situation has proved there was no inappropriate conduct by Mr. Scudiery at all. This is about some kind of ridiculous vendetta. Someone has a grudge over in the APP, whether it is Mr. Jordan, Ms. Herget or the powers that be over in the APP. But it sure isn’t any kind of straight reporting that is going on.”

For more information, call Caliendo at (732) 299-6470.


Thursday, January 25, 2007



For Immediate Publication

January 26, 2007
POC: Victor V. Scudiery
Chairman, Monmouth County Democratic Party
Tel: (732) 739-3232


Questions Puharic on GOP credibility on criticisms of party funding

HAZLET TOWNSHIP (MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ): In a January 24 article written by Asbury Park Press Staff Writer Bob Jordan, the reporter wrote an advocated piece that appeared on Page A8 entitled :Treasurer: Monmouth County Dems owe chairman $150G."

In response to allegations made in the article by Jordan, Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery said, "Bob Jordan is saying that I am owed $150,900. He is saying I forgave $4,000. He is saying in one paragraph in his story that "...The amount owed to Scudiery -- whose benefit from political clout was called into question when the state Motor Commission began renting space for more than $100,000 a year in a Hazlet shopping plaza he owns – has accumulated over a number of years."

In fact, Scudiery said he did lend the party over $200,000 when he took office 18 years ago as the Monmouth County Democratic chairman. "This was a promise that I made when I sought office as the county leader. I have been personally forgiving the debt and that is something that is not negative. It is not even something that is unusual in politics," Scudiery said.

Scudiery cited a written report by The Courier, a weekly Monmouth County newspaper, which stated that under former Monmouth County Republican Chairman Fred Niemann, Republicans received $200,000 in contributions and in-kind contributions from the state Republican Party, largely when it was under the leadership of Sen. Joe Kyrillos (a Monmouth County Republican).

"No one has accused Sen. Kyrillos of doing anything wrong. But, in that case, it was political contributions and not personal funds. In my case, I used my own money to back a party I believe in. I am not beholden to anyone and, as anyone in my party can tell you, I don't make anyone beholden to me," Scudiery said.

Where it involves the state Motor Vehicle Agency, Scudiery said, "Bob Jordan is trying to give the impression there was some misconduct involved. In fact, he is throwing around the fact that Rebecca Aaronson is a Democratic leader and she is a MVC manager as having something to do with this deal and there is no relationship involving Mrs. Aaronsson and this deal. The Asbury Park Press has yet to quote pricing for the space correctly, or the floor space involved, and when it comes to the bidding process, which has already been examined by governmental oversight. There was no politics involved in the move to Airport Plaza by the MVC. This deal only benefited the state of New Jersey and its taxpayers."

Scudiery said that, among other errors in stories by Jordan, the Asbury Park Press identified two towns, Matawan and Hazlet, as being represented by the 12th Legislative District. Those towns are actually represented in another legislative district. "I do not see a lot of attention to detail," Scudiery said.

Scudiery said that Bob Jordan should closely examine where he stands on this subject as a reporter, since it has been reported to Scudiery that there are family relations that Jordan has who are both political and adversarial to Scudiery. "Mr. Jordan is related to an ex-municipal chairman and county committeeperson by marriage and that person is someone whose actions I have not approved of now or in the past," Scudiery said. "I have been very vocal in my disapproval of this family member of Mr. Jordan's."

"If I was a reporter who had a relative with a problem involving a political leader, I would not write about that leader since it would be a conflict of interest involving family, in my opinion," Scudiery said. "News reporters need to have a certain distance and objectivity with what they are writing. When family is involved, how does that objectivity exist?"

Scudiery questioned Jordan's motivations and methods involved with this story, as well as the Asbury Park Press's oversight of Jordan and his work.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007



For Immediate Publication

January 3, 2007

POC: Joseph Caliendo
Chairman, Middletown Democrats
8 Daniel Drive, Middletown, NJ 07748
Tel: (732) 299-6470/Email: joe_caliendo@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.democratscalling.blogspot.com


MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP (MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ): The News Media has been going after Democratic County Chairman Victor V. Scudiery recently over this Dept. of Motor Vehicles issue involving Airport Plaza, a center Mr. Scudiery owns in Hazlet, according to Middletown Democratic Chairman Joe Caliendo.

The DMV is moving from Matawan to Hazlet next week.

"Basically, for almost two years, Mr. Scudiery has been negotiating with the DMV after that state agency approached him after the site was put out to bid, and
no one bid the project, and then the state came to Mr. Scudiery about perhaps moving the DMV into his center," Caliendo said.

“No one bid the DMV because no one had the facilities to be able to handle that kind of activity in the vicinity,” Caliendo said. “Airport Plaza is really the only facility large enough and with enough parking to be able to handle this kind of activity.”

The DMV used to pay about $30 a square foot for its building in Matawan, Caliendo said. Now, the DMV is paying about $18 a square foot for its facility. “The state is saving money here and getting more parking and its closer to the Garden State Parkway, which has an exit in Keyport,” Caliendo said.

The Middletown Democratic leader reminded that Victor Scudiery is not an elected official for the public. He is a chairman of the county Democratic Party and has
been doing business as a businessman for more than 40 years in this state.

Caliendo said, “If you want to find some dirt in government, then you’re not going to find it by chasing someone who is charging the state less than its paying right now for more service, better access and a longer lease (that basically involves a 20-year
period, with options figured in).”

Caliendo countered, “Why is one individual not elected by the public being looked at like this when people like Assemblywoman Amy Handlin and Freeholder Robert
Clifton are not looked at by the News Media?”

Caliendo said that Amy Handlin worked for years on one of the most corrupt Freeholder Boards in the state and watched corruption take hold of this county for years as an elected official without doing anything about it. Robert Clifton is someone who has been proved to have taken wheeled money from a Middlesex County developer, who was doing business in his town, when he was a Matawan mayor, Caliendo said.

Caliendo said, "Mr. Clifton named this developer the “Lead Redeveloper” for a train station project when this Clifton was still serving on the municipal level. He gave the $5,000 in wheeled money back to the PAC after he was found to have it, but in the meantime he made a big deal about some big ethical campaign he was running during his election. And, he was running with Amy Handlin as his running mate at the time."

Caliendo said, "This Airport Plaza deal saves the taxpayers money, it was done in the right kind of way and it makes sense. It makes a lot more sense than elected officials turning a blind eye to criminal behavior for years, contractors being in elected office on the county level working government contracts in the county, and having someone who has a campaign finance problem sitting in charge of the county.

The News Media is singling out Victor Scudiery and trying to make something that is not political that way, but turning a blind eye to the real problems in government here in Monmouth County, Caliendo said.



Wednesday, December 20, 2006



For Immediate Publication

December 20, 2006

POC: Joe Caliendo, Chairman
Middletown Democratic Party
8 Daniel Drive, Middletown, New Jersey 07748
Email: joe_caliendo@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.democratscalling.blogspot.com
Tel: (732) 299-6470

Dear Editor:

The Middletown mayor, Tom Hall, and the deputy mayor, Gerard Scharfenberger, are making statements that the Middletown Democratic Party is somehow supporting the developer for the Town Square project in town.

I deny those statements and believe the only reason these things are being said publicly is because the mayor and deputy mayor are campaigning this year early. No Democratic candidate in Middletown, including former candidate Mr. Irvin Beaver who only recently as an individual expressed support for the project, has ever come out in favor of the Town Square. This year’s winning candidate from Middletown in the committee race was even one of the founders of the organization against the Town Square.

Any assertion that the Democratic Party in Middletown is “pro Town Square” is a lie. Individual Democrats and Republicans have expressed support for Town Square, but that is something called “free speech” in this country and have nothing to do with parties.

It is this Middletown Committee, encouraging any number of new developments in town, that are clogging this town’s roads, filling up the schools even more with larger class sizes and eating away at the quality of life in town. It was Republicans, in the mid 1990s, which created Town Square. No Democrat ever voted in favor of Town Square: That was something the Republicans did.

This Town Square project is going to get solved in court one way or the other, and no Democrat is going to have anything to say about that either. But Town Square was the last issue the Republicans in town successfully buffaloed the voters with so I guess that is why the Democratic Party is getting this latest round of abuse.

Joe Caliendo
Democratic Chairman

Monday, November 27, 2006



For Immediate Publication

POC: Joe Caliendo, Chairman
Middletown Democratic Party
Tel: (732) 299-6470/Email: joe_caliendo@yahoo.com/ Web
site: http://www.democratscallings.blogpsot.com


MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP (MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ): According to Middletown Democratic Chairman Joe Caliendo, the recent November 7 election did a great deal to send a message to the Monmouth County Republican Party's top leadership.

"But it's not enough," Caliendo said. "There is a lot of talk about the county republicans reforming this and that…being less corrupt and not being as bad or as flagrant about their corruption as before. But Middletown Chairman Peter Carton's Newark law firm is still running the majority of the bonding in this county, his relative Malcolm Carton is still getting rich as the county counsel, meanwhile most of Carton's lawyer relatives are working for the governments in Monmouth one way or the other. All that has changed over the last 25 years are the front men that these people are using to make the quotes to the newspapers; talking about reform."

Caliendo said there are republicans trying to make a difference in that party, but not enough to change the grip of powerful financial interests in Monmouth County by GOP supporters and vendors. "The only solution for bringing integrity to Monmouth County and Middletown Township especially, is through supporting the Democratic Party and its candidates," Caliendo said.

Caliendo said corrupt Republicans are still running the county because nothing has been reformed by the people in charge in that party and nothing has been changed. "And it won't be changed until the Republicans get rid of the most corrupt among them. But they haven't because Middletown the rest of the county is still 'Club Monmouth.'" Significant steps have been taken to send corrupt Republicans a message, "but there is certainly a lot more to come on that subject," Caliendo said.

For more information, contact Caliendo directly at (732) 299-6470, or go to his Web site at: http://www.democratscalling.blogspot.com.